About Us

Exporting sustainable shrimp since 1977


Omarsa Group started in the shrimp business in February 1977, when Don Arturo Vanoni Fernandez acquired the first 250 hectares of land in the island Chupadores Grande in Ecuador intended for shrimp farming.

Omarsa’s Processing Plant was founded in 1982 under the name “Cachugran” with the vision to integrate the productive phase of shrimp with the commercial phase, thus enabling the marketing of our farmed shrimp to the different international markets. Today, after four decades and having passed the crisis of the white spot (1999-2001) Omarsa continues to operate as an integrated company, maintaining in our structure two hatcheries, three shrimp farms that in total sum about 3,200 hectares in production and a processing plant.

Based on our strict policy of quality control and principles of environmental preservation, Omarsa has achieved high standards that guarantee a top-quality shrimp, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Our dedication to providing the best sustainable products in these 40 years has positioned us among the top 3 exporters of shrimp in Ecuador with a broad diversification of markets successfully processing shrimp as head-on, head-less and value-added.

Omarsa’s processing

  • Hatcheries
  • Shrimp farms
  • Processing plant
  • Direct selling

Human Resource

In Omarsa we are aware that our best asset is our human resource, which is key in our development and success. Shrimp processing and packing is mainly a manual work.

  • 65
  • 702
    Shrimp farm
  • 1983
    Processing plant

Meet our sales team


Since 2012 we have won prizes and mentions at PremioeXpor, the highest recognition that the Ecuadorian exporters are given annually. The awards recognizes our diversification, high quality standards and increase & sustainability of employment.

  • 2016
    First Place as a Great Exporter
  • 2015
    Increase and Sustainability of employment
  • 2014
    Highest Quality Standard
  • 2013
    Diversification Non-traditional Markets
  • 2012
    First Place as a Great Exporter

Key facts and figures

Our aim is to deliver the true sustainable shrimp worldwide being environmental and socially responsible, focusing on food safety, animal welfare and traceability.

5 export awards
40 years exporting shrimp
78,316,098 pounds exported in 2016
(+)190 clients in 2016
97,58 reforested hectares
$274,759,261 USD sold in 2016
7 quality certifications
+50 markets
2,750 workforce in 2017
#3 country´s shrimp exporter
914,20 hectares of organic farmed shrimp
AAA credit rating by Summa Ratings
1,920,000 larvaes produced in hatcheries a year
3,281.79 hectares of certified farmed shrimp